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Alpha Tir International Transportation Inc. (hereafter , also referred to as the Subsidiary ) will operate under the freight transportation arrangement ( NAICS : 48851 ) industry . Under the management of Mr. Foad Golpagoun, will engage in international transportation and logistics services for various goods in Ontario .


Alpha Tir ,International Transportation Co. " (hereafter also referred to as the Parent Company ) , established in 1995 in Iran . The Parent Company primarily engages in international transportation of goods .For more than two and a half decades , the Parent Company played a significant role in providing international freight forwarding operations by sea , air , road , and transit in the form of point - to point or door - to - door transportation .


Mr. Golpagoun will spearhead the establishment of the Subsidiary " s operations in Canada as theExecutive Director ( NOC : 0016 ) . Back in Iran , Mr. Golpagoun is the Chief Executive Officer of the Parent Company ,professional export / import services including customs clearance . His expertise is accumulated through his 21 years of experience in the field of logistics and transportation , 7 years of which he has spent with the Parent Company . Throughout this experience , he has developed his leadership skills and gained significant knowledge in people management , cost control , and business strategic planning . Mr. Golpagoun will establish the Canadian entity using his knowledge and expertise of the industry.


Certificates & Licenses:
Mr. Golpagoun has successfully acquired various certificates and licenses related to technical aspects of the business and operations management .
He obtained a Certificate of Professional Competence ( CPC ) Diploma from the International Road Transport Union ( IRU ) Academy and completed both Master of Business Administration ( MBA ) and Doctor of Business Administration ( DBA ) courses . Currently , he is a participant in the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations ( FIATA ) course.

•    Associate degree in Civil
•    Engineering with specialization                     
•    on Concrete Structures

Islamic Azad University – Bardsir/Kerman branch, Iran

•    Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) Diploma – International Road Transport Union (IRU) Academy
•    MBA (business management skills course)
•    DBA (business management skills advanced course)


Business Description:
The Subsidiary aims to locate itself in Ontario and will operate Monday to Friday from 9 : 00 AM to 5 : 00 PM . The Subsidiary believes that Ontario is a strategic location because of the presence of numerous manufacturers , wholesalers , and retailers which is the Subsidiary " s primary market .

 and will primarily target manufacturers , wholesalers , and retailers in Ontario and neighboring municipalities Mr.Golpagoun will contact the leads on the channel they prefer ( phone , email , social media ) . The goal is to categorize each lead by the level of interest and follow up with the most interested.

The Subsidiary aims to make a positive contribution to Ontario by supporting the rising demand for freight forwarders through diligent application of its knowledge about international laws and Utilization of its extensive business network in providing fast and reliable logistics solutions - ultimately aiding in the continuation of Ontario " s participation in global trade .

also , aims to make a significant economic contribution to Ontario , by providing economic stimulus through job creation.

the establishment of the Subsidiary in Ontario will encourage existing industry operators to innovate business processes to stay relevant in the market .



Patent Company’s Summary:

The Parent Company " s activities mainly focus on the following :

Shipping services - are provided by direct methods , cross stuffing , transshipment ,chartering , groupage and project , bulk , types of transportation with refrigerated ,ordinary , and special containers . This service includes transportation of petroleum products and refinery facilities .

•  Road transport - includes full bundling and trucks . This service will be delivered as fast and affordable as possible with the cooperation of reputable shipping companies in Europe .

•  Air transport - allows clients to send air freight from across the globe to Imam Khomeini
International Airport and vice versa . This service is offered at the lowest possible price
through collaboration with reputable airlines all over the world .

•  Internal and external transits - covers the cargo of the owners of the goods.

The Parent Company aims to provide total customer satisfaction by maintaining a high level of quality services at the most competitive rates and building a strong relationship with its clients and partners Given its accomplishments over the last 26 years in the freight forwarding industry , the Parent Company aims to expand its market globally . The establishment of the Canadian company will be its first step in this global expansion .

Mr. Golpagoun will spearhead the establishment of the Subsidiary's operations in Canada as the Executive Director
Alpha Tir International Transportation Inc. will be a subsidiary of Alpha Tir International Transportation Co. , an Iranian company that offers international freight forwarding operations by sea , air , road , and transit in the form of point - to - point or door - to - door transportation  Subsidiary was incorporated on August 16 , 2021 , in Ontario , Canada.
Sea freight services can be described as the following :
Full Container Load ( FCL ) and Less Than Container Load ( LCL )
Road and Rail Transportation
Cross - Border transport
Air Freight

The Subsidiary will differentiate itself by being efficient in performing its services , employing best practices that are in accordance with international standards , and responding to client concerns during office and non - office hours.
Today, the Alphatir is known as an international and multi-purpose shipping company and is developing day by day.
Our goal is to provide services tailored to customer needs and ease of doing things.