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- Maritime transport: alphatir company with the ability to partner with leading shipping companies such as HDSL, EMIRATE, HUNDAI, HANJIN, WOSCO, WANHAI
Can best shipping rates from China, Malaysia, Europe and Africa to various destinations offer its services in the field of maritime transport and combined (LCL & FCL) services.

Road transport: in order to guarantee delivery on time, our services on a weekly basis from the main centers of Europe to Iran and other countries can be established
 this Company has  good ability and experience in the field of container transport, cars, and trucks refrigerator just Grvpazh of CIS countries to Iran
3. Air transport: air transport , is special challenge for any service provider shipping.
alphatir company will do it by Using reputable airlines and their agencies with competitive price, safe delivery and quick transfer of cargo from the most remote parts of the world.

4-internal and external Transit:  the company benefit from the extensive network of agents and branch enabling all over the country as well as neighboring countries has the potential to transit  at least the time the cargo of  cargo shippers under the internal transit and transit international  transit.

5. Customs: Customs consultant, presenter and right field alphatir customs clearance of export goods and import and transit of all matters of interest  with executive experience  staff,   in all customs centers ( Rajai Customs, Customs Bandar Imam Khomeini, Customs Tehran, Bushehr Customs, etc.)  is respected businessmen and managers..



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